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MT Regulation in VT

VT continues to be one of four States in the US that does not require Massage Therapists to be licensed, meaning that a massage therapist in VT does not have to have any formal training or carry insurance.

Massage therapists, like myself believe this poses safety concerns to massage consumers and we continue to advocate for mandatory licensing of massage therapy in VT.  My friend and colleague, Chris Widlund sums it up really well in her article below.  I hope you will read it.  This article was written specifically for you, the consumer, so that you can make informed decisions about massage therapy or even take action on this very important issue. 

Here is Chris' Facebook post: 

"VT massage therapists, please share this blog post with your clients. That's who it was written for. The more we get them involved as advocates the better. I will also be drafting a template letter to state legislators that VT residents can send (or write their own) to their state senator & representatives."    

Massage Regulation & Vermont, by Chris Widlund


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