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"I am very privileged to say that I worked with Terye Wohnus, massage therapist, at Vermont Chiropractic Orthopedics for many years.  She is a true professional who meets the patient where he or she is with what is the most appropriate therapy.  She never pushes the patient but guides them through the steps they need to follow to heal.  She is one who always questions how to improve the way to deliver health care.  She is always learning, both new and old ways, of approaching humans and their needs.  I couldn’t have been more impressed with her professionalism and desire to always do better.   I would give Terye the highest recommendation to anyone desiring her approach to health care."  Dr. Marcy E. Jones


"I recently had a massage from the owner Terye. I am very impressed with her knowledge of the body and massage skills. She was asking me important health and posture questions no other massage therapist has asked before. Her massage was amazing. I left feeling like a different person. I will be a repeat customer and I highly, highly recommend!!!"


"Try Centered Healing if you are someone who is looking for relief with trouble areas or just want to get help relaxing. My job is very physical and I always feel better after each treatment. Terye takes the time to ask what the areas of concern are, she describes what type of treatment she feels will give you the most benefit and then gets to work. The atmosphere of her space is very warm, welcoming and relaxing. I have received several massages from Terye and highly recommend her." Heidi Potter


"I highly recommend Terye for massage therapy. Over the past three years that I have been her client, she has been able to work through my muscular issues tied to back surgery and computer work. I also enjoy the relaxation!"  Beverly Kenney


"I feel compelled to communicate my praises to Terye in her role of being a  massage therapist. I'll begin by stating that I have had many many massage  therapists over the years which also includes many states. While I have had  next to no actual complaints with any of these experiences, hard to complain when your only role is to submit to being pampered, I have also never felt that the experience went beyond the act of being pampered until Terye was recommended to me.

During the initial consult I was soothed by her warm, sincere and comfortable personality and informed of the several choices of massage I could choose from. I inquired and was educated around her being listed as a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist versus the title of Certified Massage Therapist.

In addition to the glorious massage treatments I receive, there is an added benefit of having an overall wellness check as Terye observes and educates. To offer one of many examples, she showed me where I focus my tension in the muscular system and demonstrated an exercise that I now use to release the
knots created from stress. 

Terye has an awesome dedication to use her extended expertise and understands how to make your hour far more than "just" an hour of blissful submission to being pampered."  J. B.



Terye Wohnus, Board Certified Massage Therapist

Centered Healing Therapeutic Massage

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